Updated: Thursday, 12th July 2018

The Election Commission of Nepalese Community Oxfordshire (NCO) nominated the following for the new executive committee members on the Annual General Meeting held on 7th July 2018 and with the overwhelming support and unanimous agreement of all attendees, the meeting decided to appoint the new executive members as shown below:

Chairman – Capt Tulasi Paudel FCMI
Vice Chairman – Mr Kul Prasad Yongya
Secretary – Miss Manisha Thapa
Asst. Secretary – Mr Sanjay Gurung
Treasurer – Mrs Kabita Sharma Kandel
Asst. Treasurer – Mr Rajib Paudel
Entertainment – Mr Lila Raj Kambang
Entertainment – Mrs Jasmi Gurung

Nepalese Community Oxfordshire (NCO) would like to thank predecessor chairperson Mrs Padma Limbu and her entire team for their hard work and contribution for the community. With the above outcome we proudly congratulate new Chairman Capt Tulasi Paudel and his entire new executive committee members and wish for their successful tenure. We are confident that the new executive committee together with the area representatives and advisors will do their very best for the benefit of the community.

As discussed in the meeting on Tuesday 10th July 2018 this is the full list of our executive teams, area representatives, advisors and other key appointments.

Ser. No.AppointmentName
1ChairmanCapt Tulasi Paudel FCMI
2Vice ChairmanMr Kul Prasad Yongya
3SecretaryMiss Manisha Thapa
4Asst.SecretaryMr Sanjay Gurung
5TreasurerMrs Kabita Sharma Kandel
6Asst. TreasurerMr Rajib Paudel
7Entertainment Co-ordinatorMr Lila Raj Kambang
8Entertainment Co-ordinatorMrs Jasmi Gurung
9Barton Area Rep.Mr Megh Yakthungbe Limbu
10Bicester Area Rep.Mr Siri Gurung
Mrs Shila Gurung
11Greater Leys Area Rep.Mr Ram Limbu
12Blackbird Leys Area Rep.Mr Navin Gurung
13Cowley Area Rep.Mrs Bimala Paudel
Mrs Lalita Paudel
Mr Govind Sapkota
Mr Santosh Rai - IC PA System
Mrs Manu Lawati Dewan
Mrs Musal Maya Limbu
14Headington Area Rep.Mr Kul Gurung
Mr Pradeep Karki
Mrs Binaya Karki
Mr Ashok Rai
Mrs Sabtri Rai
15Holloway Area Rep.Mr Binod Thapa
Mr Ammar Thapa
Mrs Khagishara Thapa
16Kidlington Area Rep.Mr Subhas Bhatt
17Marston Area Rep.Mr Niranjan Khanal
18Rose Hill Area Rep.Mr Bhakta Limbu
Mrs Indra Limbu
Mrs Manu Shahi Limbu
Mr Tej Limbu
Mrs Keshari Rahadi
19Wallingford Area Rep.Mr Moti Gurung
20AdvisorsMr Chitra Thapa
Mr Lochan Limbu
Mrs Padma Limbu
Mrs Bhim Kala Gyawali
Mr Tika Paudel
Mr Narkumar Limbu
21NCO Rep to OHTCPMr Rajib Paudel
22Editor Oxford ChautariTBC
23Web Admin / PhotographerMr Purna Gurung